Kicking Back 2 Barbershop

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After Hours – Paper Moon (Sponsored by Scott Ventura)
Artistic LicenseWhen I Fall In Love (Sponsored by Peter Frank)
ClassRing (SAI) –Climb Ev’ry Mountain (Sponsored by Helen Giallombardo)
ForefrontIf (Sponsored by Aaron Powell)
Flipside – How High The Moon (Sponsored by Danielle Ethier)
GQ (SAI) Almost There (Sponsored by The McAlexander Family)
Hot Air BuffoonsThe Religious Medley (Sponsored by Justin Downey)
Instant ClassicDear Hearts and Gentle People (Sponsored by David & Linda Mills)
Lemon SqueezySo Much In Love (Sponsored by Nicholas Serrecchia
The Newfangled FourI’m Gonna Live Till I Die
Quorum – Daydream (Sponsored by Illustrator Jimmy)

SignatureChange Is Gonna Come (Sponsored by Jamie Sharp)

Trocadero – Crazy Little Thing Called Love 

What is Kicking Back 2 Barbershop? Kicking Back To Barbershop started in 2015 when I wanted to help the Youth Barbershop Quartet Competitors get to International. I got 11 Quartets together and recorded 11 non-contest songs and sold the album for $5 with an infinite donation ceiling. Kicking Back To Barbershop raised over $1850 for Harmony Foundation’s Scholarship for Youth competitors. Now this is the line up for this year’s album with 12 Quartets singing.

Funds: This year since there are more quartets, that means there are more songs to be licensed. Which also means that the production of the album will be higher. Last year I helped fund about $200-$300 to start the album with the help of Song Sponsors paying for the processing fee for royalties.

  1. $198.25 in Processing Fees

  2. $295.75 in Royalty Fees (9.1 cents per song download x 250 albums)

  3. $160 for custom hand drawn album artwork

  4. $654: Total

This year I’ll do Album Sponsors instead of Song Sponsors since the cost is greater this year. 12 Album Sponsors of $50 will financially start the album so that the rest of the album donations will be given to Harmony Foundation International. Last year we were able to donate over $1850 to Harmony Foundation, let’s try doubling that this year!

Donate! Become a song sponsor via PayPal! The email you’ll need is