These are questions that a lot of people have asked regarding the album rates, specifics about the recording process, or general questions about recording.


Q: How long does setting everything up / tearing down take?

A: About 1 Hour of load in and setting up if I’m doing a Live Stereo recording. Otherwise it depends on the musician’s needs / setup requirement.

Q: How long do the Musicians need to be there?

A: We pick a time to start recording, and I’ll have everything set up by then. Example: 9AM-5PM, tracking starts at 9AM, my setup is done to be ready by 9.

Q: Can we record in a studio?

A: Absolutely, I get great rates at Chicago Recording Company! They have great rooms, an amazing microphone collection, and incredible outboard gear. If you are a piano player, I also work at PianoForte Studios in Chicago. Another affordable option is at Soundmine Studios in Chicago, I like to call it a “One-Floor CRC”. Great mic selection, and a great live room.

Q: Do you use pitch correction?

A: Only if asked to, I don’t like to use it, but it can save a session sometimes. I will never use it without telling you.

Q: Can you set up the night before the session, and if so, can everything be set up for the following day?

A: I can set up everything the night before, except for microphones. Depending on another studio’s schedule, I may be able to set that up the night before

Q: Do you distribute music / license as well?

A: No, you can however license through and make copies at