Joshua Arizmendi

Joshua graduated with a BA in Audio Arts & Acoustics from Columbia College Chicago, focusing on studio recording and sound for motion picture. ¬†After graduation, he started doing more live stereo recordings of orchestras, choirs, and barbershop quartets hoping to achieve the most “realistic” recordings possible. He started working at PianoForte Studios as an intern in the winter of 2015 and then completed a three month internship at Chicago Recording Company in May of 2016. He was promoted to Assistant Engineer at PianoForte in 2016 and left the studio in 2017. In 2017, Cardinal District, of the Barbershop Harmony Society, hired Joshua to be their live sound engineer for District and Prelim contests.

Still freelancing, he works full time at Guitar Center as a Lead Customer Sales Associate, and records at Soundmine Studios in Stoney Island.