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The minimum donation for KBTB3:EIH is $5. You can donate as much as you would like!

Kicking Back To Barbershop 3: Everyone In Harmony
All donations are collected and sent to Harmony Foundation International's Next Gen Scholarship fund. For more information on the album, please visit the store.

Kicking Back to Barbershop 3: Everyone in Harmony

Mission: Raise scholarship money for Next Gen competitors for LA2020. The future of Barbershop is in our hands. Some perform in The Music Man, some are educators that are on the front lines, and some build lineage within the family. Kicking Back To Barbershop is trying to make sure that those who are interested in it, or might be trying it out for the first time, experience what it is like to have thousands of people cheering for you. That feeling lasts longer than the 6 minutes on stage, it can last a lifetime.

Each of these quartets took time from the biggest competition of the year because they believe in the future of barbershop. They all believe that everyone should be singing in harmony. I borrowed each quartet for about 30 minutes to sing a song in front of two microphones in a hotel room at Salt Lake City. This is what we put together.